The Toronto Declaration is a landmark statement on protecting human rights in the age of artificial intelligence. Led by Amnesty International and Access Now, the Declaration has been widely endorsed by the global human rights community.

It calls on governments and companies to urgently protect human rights in the age of machine learning, artificial intelligence and advanced computing, with a focus on the right to equality and non-discrimination.

The Toronto Declaration proposes that human rights law and standards are put front and center in existing and emerging conversations and methods analyzing the impact of machine learning and related technologies.

Led by human rights organization Amnesty International and digital rights group Access Now, the Declaration was drafted and published in May 2018. It was written in consultation with and guidance from numerous experts from a wide range of backgrounds and affiliations. The Declaration has subsequently been endorsed by many civil society and research groups.

Read the Declaration in EnglishFrenchArabic and Simplified Chinese.

The Declaration helped put human rights arguments and framing at the center of debates about how we react to and prepare for the huge changes that machine learning and related technologies bring to our world.

We hope it is a useful resource for researchers, policy-makers and tech professionals looking for guidance on applying human rights principles and standards to new technologies.

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